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Re: [Australia-public-discuss] Video/audio from patents talk and committ

From: Adam Bolte
Subject: Re: [Australia-public-discuss] Video/audio from patents talk and committee hearing
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 04:28:28 +1100
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Thanks Ben.

> The video from my recent talk "Ending Software Patents in Australia" is
> available.

Nice talk! I just got around to watching it.

I thought that there was a really great idea from a commenter at the end
of your talk whereby free software would be considered by law 'in the
public interest' and becomes except from applying to patent lawsuits at all.

Not only would this meet our goals of being able to write and use free
software without consequence, but it would also encourage businesses to
publish free software to protect their efforts. I like it.

Mega-corporations that ship proprietary software may even decide to turn
against the patent system as their patents become less useful, and only
serve to encourage free software publishing particularly in small to
medium businesses sectors.

What did you think of the idea? Would you still feel any concern if the
patent system still applied exclusively to non-free software?

> First enable patent-unencumbered WebM video for YouTube:

It's good to see that YouTube doesn't require you to sign in just to
select that option any more. I previously had to rely on a Greasemonkey
script to take care of this.


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