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Re: new module 'nocrash'

From: Benoit SIGOURE
Subject: Re: new module 'nocrash'
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 19:57:51 +0100

On Nov 4, 2007, at 7:50 PM, Bruno Haible wrote:


Some autoconf tests require running a program and seeing whether it crashes or not. Unfortunately, one some platforms, this causes a dialog box to appear. If a configure script has 10 test programs of this kind, the installer can
mutate into a click-o-maniac; in other words, it's annoying.

One such platform is MacOS X (in some configurations), another one is BeOS.

Here's a macro that lets the autoconf test fail without a crash. So it
gets rid of the dialog box, without affecting the test's result.

Windows has the same symptoms when you build with VC++. Depending on some settings in the registry, you'll get this: http://www.tsunanet.net/~tsuna/winsux.png (it's basically asking whether or not you want to debug the program)
or that:
http://www.tsunanet.net/~tsuna/winsux2.png (it's basically asking to click OK...)

Notice that the message box appears even though there is no session open on this machine! Not only this is annoying, but it's a real problem with automated builds (since the build is stuck until someone clicks OK or until some timeout makes it fail).

I've found this:
http://www.nirsoft.net/vc/ prevent_application_crash_exception_handling.html
but haven't had time to test it so far.

I'll have to anyways because it's a *real* problem in my buildfarm.


Benoit Sigoure aka Tsuna
EPITA Research and Development Laboratory

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