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Re: Patch for the getpagesize module

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Patch for the getpagesize module
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 18:38:13 +0100
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Martin Lambers wrote:
> If a macro is used instead, should its definition go into
> lib/unistd.h.in directly, or should it stay in a separate
> lib/getpagesize.h, which is then included in lib/unistd.h.in?

It should go into lib/unistd.in.h. You can use blank lines or other kinds
of separator lines or headlines in comments, to separate it from the other
contents of unistd.in.h.

> I also was not sure if it's okay to include additional system headers
> like <OS.h> in the middle of gnulibs unistd.h.

Good point; this brings a certain amount of namespace pollution.
Nevertheless, I'd try first to continue using a macro, and include
<OS.h> from unistd.h, and switch to a function instead only when we
see that it's needed.


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