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Re: [Chicken-users] faster threading

From: F. Wittenberger
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] faster threading
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 00:50:16 +0100

Hello Tobia, Marc & All of You,

please read only none-indented paragraphs if you want to skip

  Am Sonntag, den 02.11.2008, 17:47 +0100 schrieb Tobia Conforto:
  > The fact that Marc's rbtree code is written as lambda templates  
  > (macros) instead of plain lambdas, for the purpose of optimization,
  > is  immaterial.


  That's approximately where any compiler suddenly inserts templates
  derived from plain code instead of of plain code for optimisation.

  But I'm not at all interested in such a discussion!  That's what is
  called "Dünnbrettbohren" in German (literally translated "drill a
  hole into a thin piece of wood" -- AND used with an attitude to
  continue like "your wood was not thin enough" if one dares to reply).

  >  Every program compiled with Chicken would include those  
  > algorithms and thus be governed by their license.

  Raising the question whether the code is actually included, which it
  would not necessarily be.

I am easily bored by licensing issues - and I assume so are most of you.

  Nevertheless those rules about facts I'm allowed to express about some
  matter I understood and which of those utterances are covered by
  copyright since sequences of characters are comparable or somehow
  derivable or derived (whatever that means) from prior utterances cover
  far too much of my/our daily life.  --  To an extend that I'm asking
  myself whether this difficulty might one day become the reason to
  abolish the underlying rule set entirely.  But I'm sure assumptions
  about possible answers are off topic here.

Today I understood that there is this left leaning red black tree
(from February 2008) explained in a nice way ready to be implemented
without copyright worries if one just reads the PDF presentation.
Moreover it's at least supposed to be an improvement to the original
rbtree algorithm (though I don't know which cases Marcs improvements
would cover - I just did not read deeply enough into his code).

My conclusion: I begin a "Nuke copyright issues in my
way!"-implementation of llrbtree.scm.

  But will take more time than what's left between two times walking the
  dog --- and the weekend is over, tomorrow real life is going to
  continue.  So it will take some time --- if there is no student out
  there who feels compelled to take the fame as I would have if I still
  was a student.

> Yes, that seems to be the best course of action, unless Marc consents  
> to re-release his code under a BSD license for inclusion in Chicken.
> If we ask nicely, he might very well do!

I hope so!  Marc, would you please do!

In "exchange" I shall take my spare time to finish the llrbtree (I admit
I'm afraid I've got hooked to do so anyway) and release it under a
license (set) compatible with gambit and chicken (and rscheme ;-).  In
the hope that this might improve gabmit-c too.

So please remove those legal road blocks.

Best regards


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