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[Chicken-users] Changes to Svnwiki's extensions system coming

From: Alejandro Forero Cuervo
Subject: [Chicken-users] Changes to Svnwiki's extensions system coming
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 01:17:10 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.13 (2006-08-11)

I've been improving the extensions' system that Svnwiki uses, which
has been a source of confusion in the past.  Svnwiki extensions
previously lived in stream-wiki/trunk/extensions and were loaded (with
the “load” function) with their code running interpreted.

In the new system each extension will be an egg on its own,
installable with chicken-setup.

For callers to Svnwiki-related code (including callers of stream-wiki)
this means that you'll need to make a few adjustments if you want to
upgrade to the new versions:

- Install the Svnwiki-extensions egg, which provides a general
  framework for all extensions.

- Install any svnwiki-* eggs that you want.  I would recommend that
  you install all of them, though if you're only using stream-wiki
  many will not affect you in any way (but it won't hurt to install

- Call the (svnwiki-extensions-init) function in the
  svnwiki-extensions egg.  This will load all the eggs that define
  extensions (the svnwiki-* eggs).  I wanted to make this happen
  automatically (so just by loading the svnwiki-extension egg you
  would automatically load all the registered svnwiki-* eggs, but
  there's a problem: sometimes svnwiki-foo will “(use
  svnwiki-extensions)” to get macros defined there, but the
  svnwiki-extensions will load svnwiki-foo again and a loop will
  result; I may be able to fix this in the future, in which case
  svnwiki-extensions-init will become a no-op).

- No need to use “load-extensions-from-file” anymore.

- wiki->html and similar functions will not receive the list of
  extensions anymore.  Instead, the list will be global (maintained by
  the svnwiki-extensions egg).

The resulting system is simpler and easier to maintain, hopefully
making it easier to use Svnwiki-related eggs (particularly
stream-wiki).  Furthermore, the extensions will now run compiled, not

I have not yet commited this code to the repository, but I expect to
do so in the following days.  I will also be updating Svnwiki, testing
the changes in and once I consider it stable I
will coordinate with Mario and Felix to update the version in galinha
(which will also have a few user-visible updates, including the
mail-spec functionality that I mentioned previously).



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