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Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken Gazette Issue 22: Call for Papers

From: Andy Bennett
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken Gazette Issue 22: Call for Papers
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 20:50:57 +0000
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I'll be publishing this some time next week so if you've not already
sent me your fantastic tale of Chicken then now is your chance!

> This is a call for anyone who wants to contribute a section to the next
> Chicken Gazette: Issue 22.
> You can contribute anything you like but, if you don't already have any
> ideas, here's some things that might be interesting:
>  + Announcement of new eggs
>     If you're an egg author then send me your release announcements and
>     I'll make sure they get included! Explain a bit about what the egg
>     is for and why this new release is the greatest thing yet.
>  + Core development
>     Explain the development of a new feature in the core. What it is,
>     how it works and why it's useful.
>  + Testing
>     If you're involved either formally or informally in the testing of
>     Chicken and its eggs on any platform then write and let me know how
>     your doing and whether you're seeking help from the rest of the
>     community.
>  + Omelettes
>     If you want to give a practical example of how to use an egg,
>     illustrated with real, working, code then this is your chance. Write
>     up how to achieve something interesting or useful and I'll try to
>     include it in the Omelette Section.
>  + Letters to the editor
>     Have something to shout about? Write in and let me know about it.
>  + Jobs
>     If you're recruiting for people with scheme expertise then let send
>     me a note.
>  + Anything else
>     If you're doing something interesting with Chicken then write a
>     little bit about it and I'll include it.
> There's a Chicken Hacking Sprint in Nurembery, Germany between the 9th
> and 11th of December so I'll probably publish Issue 22 after that.
> See to sign up and for
> more information.
> Thanks for getting involved!
> I look forward to being inundated with copy but you'd better be quick as
> some sections have started filling up already! :-)
> Regards,
> @ndy



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