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Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken on Termux

From: Alexander Shendi (
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] Chicken on Termux
Date: Sat, 13 May 2017 01:16:40 +0200
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Dear Phil,

It's me again.

Some remarks:
I did successfully compile CHICKEN 4.12.0 on Termux/Android. Please use that exact release as it contains several fixes for the Android platform.

1) I used PLATFORM=android as Termux uses Android's libc (Bionic) rather than GNU libc.
2) The complete make invocation I used was:

TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp make C_COMPILER=clang PREFIX=$HOME/chickens/4.12.0 PLATFORM=android install

3) the Android dynamic linker is rather dumb and doesn't support the --rpath feature used by the Makefile.
It spits out a warning to that effect every time you run csi/csc or an executable made with csc.
This also screws up the CHICKEN test suite. I have a patch that works around that
But if you can live with the warning message and don't need to run the test suite you don't need to apply the patch.

3) I did (see above).

4.1) CHICKEN 's library directory (e.g. $HOME/chickens/4.12.0/lib) must be in your $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
4.2) If you want to install eggs (CHICKEN's version of packages) you must say:
TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp chicken-install <eggname>

5.) Good luck!

6.) Do not hesitate to ask for further info.

Best Regards,


Am 12. Mai 2017 23:00:10 MESZ schrieb Phil Bewig <address@hidden>:
I recently purchased a Lenovo TAB2 A10 tablet computer and installed Termux, a unix-like environment, from the Play Store. I want to compile Chicken for my computer so I can have a Scheme REPL with me wherever I go. I have several questions:

1) What is the correct PLATFORM for the make command? Is it android? Termux isn't really android, it is its own version of unix, similar to Debian.

2) Are any of the optional features required or recommended for Termux?

3) Have any other Chicken users successfully compiled Chicken on Termux?

4) Is there anything else I need to know to compile Chicken on Termux?

Thanks for your help.


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