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[Chicken-users] c-string-list gives segmentation violation

From: David Ireland
Subject: [Chicken-users] c-string-list gives segmentation violation
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2018 08:23:53 +1000


I'm writing an egg for a C library. One C function returns a char **

I thought the correct foreign type would be c-string-list however this results in a segmentation violation when calling the function.

Here is a mock example code:

(import foreign)

(define return-c-string-list
  (foreign-lambda* c-string-list ()
    "const char** f = NULL;"


Which gives me:

Error: segmentation violation
    Call history:
    test.scm:8: return-c-string-list     
    test.scm:4: ##sys#peek-c-string-list

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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