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Comment to 0.19

From: theUser BL
Subject: Comment to 0.19
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 14:47:28 +0000

The new version of 0.19 is nice!

One of the biggest problems was, that Java-programs aborts with GNU Classpath, which I have mentioned at

This problem now don't exists any more. The JamVM I use is still the same. But with the new GNU Classpath, the Java-programs no loger aborts.

In some cases something hangs. So the Button-Example from the Swing-Example makes sometimes problems. Sometimes I can click on a checkbox and nothing happens. But all other things works still correct. But if I close the window and open it again clicking on the Button "Buttons" in the Main-Swing-Demo, all works again correct.

The most other problems you know yourself I think (like, that it is not possible to make windows smaller like they are at the start).

What me a little bit surprised is, that GNU Classpath becomes the same bugs as Suns Java. In the "Viewport"-Demo or how it was called, there existing now the bug (or isn't it one?) that after the button moved to left or right, on the places where the button isn't any more, still parts of it exists as lines. (But with Suns Java it looks like the same).

The same is with the shadow under the scrollbar. You can see it in the Scroolbar-Demo of the Swing-Demos. Under the Scrollbar of the top left, there is under the Scrollbar a shadow. But under the buttons of the Scrollbar there isn't one. And I think the shadow is wrong there. But thats the same like in Suns Java. There existing the same bug - since Swing 1.0.3. And I have critisized it very often. But now GNU Classpath doing the same.

Additional to bugs, which Sun have, GNU Classpath have its own bugs. I have seen, that the AWT don't recognice, when the window was moved.
For example the Listing2902 at
works only right at start. But if you move the window, the program don't recogniczed it. Only to mention it. Because without completly functional AWT, a completly functional Swing isn't possible.


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