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Infinite loop

From: Gary Benson
Subject: Infinite loop
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 11:56:37 +0000

I found a bug where the thing that throws SecurityExceptions can
itself cause a SecurityException to be thrown causing an infinite

When decides that a
permission is denied it throws the exception with the following line:

  throw new AccessControlException ("permission "
                                    + perm
                                    + " not granted: "
                                    + domain
                                    + " does not imply it.");

Where "domain" is a, whose toString()
method calls System.getProperty("line.separator").  If your security
policy denies read access to that system property then it's going to
end up trying to throw the same AccessControlException and failing to
access line.separator again, ad infinitum (until you run out of

I wasn't sure quite how best to fix this so I haven't made a patch.


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