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JamVM does not startup

From: Isabella Thomm
Subject: JamVM does not startup
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:32:17 -0800


I am new to this, so sorry about this simple question and it probably
does not fit in here, but I'd be glad to solve this problem: 
I have installed classpath 0.19, as described, (configure, make, make
install...), and then jamVM 1.3.3 (configure with the
--with-classpath-install-dir option, make etc.) and I get the following
error, while trying to execute a simple with java compiled program: 
Error initialising VM (initialiseMainThread). 
I have set the CLASSPATH variable to the file and the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the classpath/lib/classpath directory. It's a
configuration problem, I guess, maybe some wrong file is taken.
I am using Debian unstable.


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