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[Orgmode] Development setup (was: Org-mode release 7.01)

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: [Orgmode] Development setup (was: Org-mode release 7.01)
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 02:01:10 +0200
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Hi Carsten and John,

> Also, I need to shout out my gratitude to the increasing number of
> volunteers in the project.
> John Wiegley's patchwork server has done wonders for streamlining the
> process of reviewing and applying patches.  I have applied dozens of
> patches though this process, just in the last week.
> The issue tracker by David Maus has finally brought some structure
> into the stream of ideas and reports on this mailing list, at a
> moment when I was about to falter under the amount of work
> maintaining this project means for me.  Frankly,  right now I
> don't know how I would do things without David's competent and
> efficient help - he has effectively and silently become
> co-maintainer of this project.

The new technique drives me crazy.  To me, it feels frustrating compared
to the direct means of "the good old times".

Now, that the release is done, it's time to speak about the next decade
of Org mode developing ;)

A minute ago I got 5 mails like this one here:


     "Patchwork: Patch 150 Accepted"


    Patch 145 (http://patchwork.newartisans.com/patch/145/) is now Accepted.
    This relates to the following submission:

This current mechanism might help the maintainers as it's automated, but
for me it's hard to follow.

I often delete mails suggesting patches I don't apprehend.  I then get
those dangling "Patchwork: ..." messages.  I simply don't want to gather
all those mails from this high traffic list, just to now to which
issue the accepted patches belong.

I don't want to click the link(s) in those mails and wait for my browser
to load either.


1.) Could the original mail (the one including the actual patch, even if 
    modified) be attached to the autogenerated email, please?
    This should be at the very bottom of the mail, because of length and

2.) And how about the subject?  The OP's subject is what I read on the 
    patchwork server.  Why can't that be (part of) the subject of the
    "Accepted" message? E.g.:

    [Orgmode] [ACCEPTED] org-capture with LISP function template

    Maybe something that works on gmane et al, too.

3.) If there are annotations to the patch,  would it be possible to
    include that comment in that automated message?  I don't now how the
    patch is switched to accepted on the patchwork server.  But a simple
    textarea field and appropriate POST variable would do, wouldn't it?

This is all information available on the patchwork server.  So I hope
it's just changing a few lines of code?

I sometimes receive mails from bugzilla servers, concerning bug reports
I wrote years ago.  I never had that problem to understand what those
mails were trying to tell me.

Thanks for considering this.

Best wishes


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