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[Orgmode] lookup functions in spreadsheet/table

From: Neil Hepburn
Subject: [Orgmode] lookup functions in spreadsheet/table
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:06:49 -0600


I am looking for a lookup function for tables in org-mode. In the past I have 
used a spreadsheet to keep track of student grades and then had a table that 
contained cut points and grades. Assigning grades was simple because the 
formula would simply look up the student's grade in the cut points table and 
assign the appropriate letter grade.  In Yicksel, also known as Excel, the 
function would be =vlookup(<target>,<lookup range>,<column to return>). If I 
need to "tweak" my grade distribution to satisfy an anal retentive Registrar 
type, I can do so by altering the cut points. Now that I am using org-mode and 
emacs for everything else, thought it would be interesting to keep my grade 
book in it too. 

I've looked at the org-mode manual for the spreadsheet functions as well as 
looked in the GNU Emacs Calc manual for such a function but to no avail. Does 
such a function exist in org-mode?


Neil Hepburn, Economics Instructor
Department of Social Sciences, Augustana Faculty
University of Alberta
4901-46 Avenue
Camrose, Alberta  T4V 2R3

Phone (780) 679-1588
email address@hidden

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