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[O] help with capture template

From: Renato
Subject: [O] help with capture template
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 12:58:59 +0200

Hello, I have a computer.org file with this structure:

* Log
** [2011-09-12 Mon 17:34] update ...
** [2011-09-07 Wed 18:09] update ...
** TODO [2011-09-04 Sun 20:23] nouveau + pm-suspend -> black tty        :bug:

I've been adding entries manually up to now. However I'd like to use
capture to make adding entries easier. I have this template:   

("l" "System Log" entry (file+headline "~/Documents/org/computer.org"
"Log") "* %U %? \n %i\n")

which works, the only problem is that the entry gets added at the *bottom*
of the other level 2 headers, while I'd want it to be at the top 
(such that the top entry is the latest date).

Any help on how I could modify the template?


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