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Re: [O] [RFC] Table's documentation -- a non patch proposal

From: ML
Subject: Re: [O] [RFC] Table's documentation -- a non patch proposal
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2015 11:10:01 +0100
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   finally I will give a first version not as a patch (my ideas implies some changes in section  numbering and I fear to break something as a non-texi user).

First: reorganization of Tables part
3. Tables
3.1 Tables operations
3.1.1 Table syntax 
    <here the introduction section of 3.1> 
3.1.2 The build-in table editor
3.1.3 Column width an alignment
3.1.3 Column groups
3.2 The spreadsheet
         move "Named references" after "Range references" 
         swap "Field coordinates in formulas" and "Remote references"
3.3 Other functionalities
3.3.1 The Orgtlb minor mode
3.3.2 Org-plot
Second: in (the new) § 3.1.1 add
    A table can be named for references operations ( in other tables <link to "Remote reference in §3.5.1> or in source code <link to> ) babel Remote references) using #+NAME: option:
    <here an exemple>
    Furthermore, during export (see ...) a caption can be attached to the table using #+CAPTION: option :
    <here an exemple>
    <part "Image an tables" can be modified consequently>

If you think this can be a good idea, I will try to encore it in texi without breaking the file...

>    I will try to make a patch.

>Le 25/02/2015 14:11, Nicolas Goaziou a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> "POSTMASTER @THIERRY-PELLE.EU" <address@hidden> writes:
>>>     reading the 8.3beta manual, I note that *#+NAME: *and *#+CAPTION:*
>>> were not "clearly" introduced in the Chapter on tables. (the first in
>>> "Remote References" the last in "Images and Tables").
>>>     I wonder if it is a good a idea to introduce them in the Chapter or
>>> tables (just befor "The Orgtbl minor mode"), refering "Remote
>>> References" and "Images and Tables".
>> What do you suggest instead?
>> Regards,

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