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Re: [O] [bug?] org-repair-property-drawers does not repair whole file

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] [bug?] org-repair-property-drawers does not repair whole file
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 17:43:34 +0100

Gregor Zattler <address@hidden> writes:

> No.  I removed the line numbers so that the stars of the headings
> are at the first column and invoced `org-repair-property-drawers'
> in the same way as described above.  The buffer remains
> unmodified and the output is `nil'.

I cannot reproduce it.

>> Is it possible to have access to the file? You might want to hide
>> contents first with the following function
>> (defun scramble-contents ()
> Yes.  I scrambled it with your function, changed tags (which were
> not scrambled by `scramble-contents') and obfuscated clock lines.
> The result is attached.

I see invalid property drawers, e.g.,

  > :Xxxx: Xxx, xx Xxx xxxx xx:xx:xx +xxxx
  > :Xxxx: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx <address@hidden>
  > :Xxxxxxx-XX: <address@hidden>
  > :Xxxxxxx: XXX XXX - XX xx xx.xx.xxxx - Xxxxxx xx. xx:xx
  > :Xx: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx <address@hidden>, 
Xxxxxx  Xxxxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxx Xxxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxxxx 
Xxxxxxxxx  <address@hidden>, Xxxxx Xxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx  
<address@hidden>, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx <address@hidden>, Xxx Xxxxx Xxxx  
<address@hidden>, Xxxxxxxx Xxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx  
<address@hidden>, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx  
<address@hidden>, Xxxxx Xxxxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx  
<address@hidden>, Xxxxxxxx Xxxx <address@hidden>, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx  
  > :Xxxx: Xxxxx XXXxxx,
  >        xx xx.x.xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx XXX.
  >        Xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx, xxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxx 
Xxxxxxxxx xxxx,
  >        xxxxx xxx Xxxx xx xxxx:
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxx
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxxxxx
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxxx
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx 
  >        Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx? (Xxx x XX)
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx Xxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
(Xxx x XX)
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx/Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
xxxx xxx XX xxx
  >        XXX (Xxx x XX)
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx XXX-XXX (Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx!) xxxx xxx 
xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx
  >        xxx XXX (Xxx x XX)
  >        XXX x    Xxxxxxxxx
  >        Xxx xxxxxxx xxx, xxxx xxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 
(xx. xx:xx,
  >        xxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx).
  >        Xxx xxxx xxx Xxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx (xxxxxxx) xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx.
  >        Xxxxx Xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx.
  >        Xxxxxxx
  > :END:

A property drawer can contain only node properties, and there is one
node property per line.

Ill-formed property drawers were not moved.


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