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Re: [O] comment section with latex_header

From: Andreas Leha
Subject: Re: [O] comment section with latex_header
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 23:54:36 +0000
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Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:
> Hello,
> Andreas Leha <address@hidden> writes:
>> If there are `#+latex_header:' entries in a section and that section is
>> `COMMENT'ed out, I'd expect the #+latex_header entries to be
>> uneffective.  As they are when I comment them out one by one as in
>> `# #+latex_header:'.
>> Is this a bug? (I'd say, yes....)
> This is fixed in c9a52787c14c3a7429bcd3c8975350525e0baa04. Thank you.

Thanks.  Confirmed.


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