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[O] [BUG?] wrong docstring for `org-reverse-note-order'

From: Xavier
Subject: [O] [BUG?] wrong docstring for `org-reverse-note-order'
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 19:20:22 +0100


C-h v org-reverse-node-order goes like this:

org-reverse-note-order's value is nil

Non-nil means store new notes at the beginning of a file or entry.
When nil, new notes will be filed to the end of a file or entry.
This can also be a list with cons cells of regular expressions that
are matched against file names, and values.

You can customize this variable.

I have it set to `nil' but I got the behaviour of the `non-nil' part.
Here is my example:

*** DONE Enregistrer résultats athlètes ASPTT            
    - State "DONE"       from "DEMA"       [2015-03-24 Tue 07:14]
    - Note taken on [2015-03-24 Tue 07:12] \\
      Il faut bien la neutraliser au niveau du challenge kilo
    - State "DEMA"       from "W4"         [2015-03-24 Tue 07:12]
    CLOCK: [2015-03-24 Tue 06:50]--[2015-03-24 Tue 07:14] =>  0:24
    - State "WAIT"       from "DEMA"    [2015-03-23 Mon 06:30] \\
      En attente du retour du bureau concernant le traitement des
      Dois-je la neutraliser ?
    CLOCK: [2015-03-23 Mon 06:28]--[2015-03-23 Mon 06:29] =>  0:01
    :Effort:   0:45

As far as I understand, the DONE state should be downside, right ?
Is this the correct understanding then ?


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