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[O] org-plus-contrib tar disappeared from orgmode.org/elpa/

From: Christopher League
Subject: [O] org-plus-contrib tar disappeared from orgmode.org/elpa/
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2018 23:11:11 -0500

Hi, this is a plea to retain versioned copies of the org-plus-contrib tar in the https://orgmode.org/elpa/ directory, because package managers refer to them. Currently, the only versions present at that location are 20171227 and 20171228.

I’m using NixOS, and my current nixpkgs tree refers to 20170911, which cannot (re)-build now because the source is missing. Here’s the Nix specification referencing the now-broken URL:


The latest nixpkgs master does have it updated to 20171225 – which is also a broken link, just a week later. (And I prefer to use a ‘stable’ channel rather than master.)


I don’t necessarily expect orgmode.org to retain these sources indefinitely, but deleting them after a couple of weeks or months causes all sorts of headaches.

Thanks for the consideration!


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