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[PATCH 0/3] Expat and libxslt changes for core-updates

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: [PATCH 0/3] Expat and libxslt changes for core-updates
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2016 20:54:05 -0400

It was not that simple to make these changes for core-updates, so I'm
sending the patches for review.

For expat, I "re-fix" a bug that was fixed on master already. This
bug-fix is actually reachable from the HEAD of core-updates, but for
some reason doesn't exist at HEAD. According to MITRE the bug does
affect all currently released versions of expat:

I noticed a "left-over" patch for a bug that is apparently fixed in the
version of expat on core-updates (2.1.1), so it is deleted:

For libxslt, I update to the latest version and remove patches that are
no longer needed. The timestamp issue was addressed upstream [0] and the
bug has been fixed in this version. These patches were strangely no
longer listed in 'gnu/'.


Leo Famulari (3):
  gnu: expat: Fix CVE-2016-0718.
  gnu: Remove unused patch.
  gnu: libxslt: Update to 1.1.29.

 gnu/                                       |  1 -
 .../patches/expat-CVE-2015-1283-refix.patch        | 42 --------------
 gnu/packages/patches/libxslt-CVE-2015-7995.patch   | 29 ----------
 .../patches/libxslt-remove-date-timestamps.patch   | 66 ----------------------
 gnu/packages/xml.scm                               |  9 ++-
 5 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 143 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/expat-CVE-2015-1283-refix.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libxslt-CVE-2015-7995.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libxslt-remove-date-timestamps.patch


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