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Using ``chmod'' in build phases

From: Alex Vong
Subject: Using ``chmod'' in build phases
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 22:36:11 +0800
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Running ``LC_ALL=C grep -r chmod'' on ``guix/gnu/packages'', gives the
following result. As you can see, various modes are used, such as 644,
755, 555, 666, 777, 664. Do we have a guide on which mode should be
prefered? I personally always used 644 for non-executable files, and 755
for directories and executable files. Any idea?

networking.scm:             (chmod "." #o755)
commencement.scm:                       (chmod program #o555))
Binary file admin.go matches
Binary file fpga.go matches
mail.scm:             (chmod "mb2md" #o555))
Binary file ssh.go matches
Binary file package-management.go matches
irc.scm:               (("/bin/chmod") "chmod")
irc.scm:           ;; Furthermore bsdinstalls has a reference to /etc/chmod 
here, which
irc.scm:               (("/bin/chmod") "chmod")
patches/libbase-use-own-logging.patch:   // We do an explicit fchmod here 
because we assume that the caller really
patches/libbase-use-own-logging.patch:   if (fchmod(fd, mode) == -1) {
patches/libbase-use-own-logging.patch:-    ALOGE("android::WriteStringToFile 
fchmod failed: %s", strerror(errno));
patches/libbase-use-own-logging.patch:+    PLOG(ERROR) << 
"android::WriteStringToFile fchmod failed";
patches/findutils-localstatedir.patch:  chmod +x $@
patches/nss-pkgconfig.patch:+   chmod 0644 nss.pc
patches/nss-pkgconfig.patch:+   chmod 0755 nss-config
patches/4store-fix-buildsystem.patch:!  chmod 1777 $(DESTDIR)@FS_STORE_ROOT@
patches/cdrtools-3.01-mkisofs-isoinfo.patch:-   fchmodat(AT_FDCWD, fname, 
fstat_buf.st_mode, AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW);
patches/cdrtools-3.01-mkisofs-isoinfo.patch:+   fchmodat(AT_FDCWD, fname, 
fstat_buf.st_mode, AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW);
patches/tcsh-fix-autotest.patch: chmod a+x
patches/tcsh-fix-autotest.patch:-chmod a+x subdir/
patches/tcsh-fix-autotest.patch:+#chmod a+x subdir/
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:Subject: Prevent directory chmod 
race attack.
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:CVE-2017-6512 is a race condition 
attack where the chmod() of directories
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:the directory-permission loosening 
logic to systems where fchmod() is
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:-                        or chmod( 
$nperm, $root )
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+                # This uses fchmod 
to avoid traversing outside of the proper
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+                           or eval 
{ chmod( $nperm, $root_fh ) }
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+my $fchmod_supported = 0;
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+    eval { $fchmod_supported = 
chmod( $perm, $fh); };
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+    skip "fchmod of directories not 
supported on this platform", 3 unless $fchmod_supported;
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:     #
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:     skip "Windows chmod test 
skipped", $skip_count
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+    skip "fchmod() on directories 
is not supported on this platform", $skip_count
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+        unless $fchmod_supported;
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:-    $dir = catdir($tmp_base, 
patches/perl-file-path-CVE-2017-6512.patch:+        $dir = catdir($tmp_base, 
sprintf("chmod_test%04o", $input));
patches/portmidi-modular-build.patch:-          COMMAND chmod +x 
patches/byobu-writable-status.patch:+           chmod +w "$BYOBU_CONFIG_DIR/$f"
patches/proot-test-fhs.patch:@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ chmod +x ${ROOTFS}/${TMP_ABS}
patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17434-pt2.patch: extern struct chmod_mode_struct 
Binary file tex.go matches
Binary file networking.go matches
virtualization.scm:               (chmod "samba-wrapper" #o755)
Binary file graphviz.go matches
tex.scm:                                                     "batchmode; "
tex.scm:                                            "batchmode; "
tex.scm:                                                     "batchmode; "
tex.scm:               (and (zero? (system* "luatex" "-ini" 
tex.scm:                    (zero? (system* "tex" "-ini" 
tex.scm:                       (zero? (system* "latex" "-ini" 
tex.scm:                       (zero? (system* format "-ini" 
tex.scm:                       (zero? (system* "luatex" "-ini" 
tex.scm:                                                     "batchmode; "
tex.scm:                                                     "batchmode; "
Binary file autotools.go matches
ssh.scm:                  (chmod (string-append (assoc-ref outputs "out")
Binary file python.go matches
Binary file maths.go matches
cups.scm:               (for-each (lambda (file) (chmod file #o644))
cups.scm:               (for-each (lambda (file) (chmod file #o644))
axoloti.scm:                 (chmod target #o555))
python.scm:                            (chmod file #o755))
python.scm:                      (chmod new #o755)
Binary file wget.go matches
Binary file bioinformatics.go matches
kodi.scm:               (("autoreconf -vif") "chmod -R u+w ."))
Binary file perl.go matches
c.scm:             (chmod port #o777)))
Binary file axoloti.go matches
Binary file ocaml.go matches
ocaml.scm:                 (chmod "src/" #o600)
conkeror.scm:              (chmod launcher #o555)))))))
Binary file java.go matches
Binary file emacs.go matches
text-editors.scm:               (zero? (system* "chmod" "-R" "u+w" 
nvi.scm:             (chmod "configure" #o0755)))))
disk.scm:             (chmod exe #o555)
Binary file backup.go matches
Binary file music.go matches
audio.scm:                         (chmod file #o644))
music.scm:                  (chmod (string-append out 
"/share/Aria/Documentation") #o555)
music.scm:                  (chmod (string-append out "/share/Aria/score") 
music.scm:               (chmod (string-append bin "/tuxguitar") #o555)
music.scm:                        (for-each (cut chmod <> #o644)
Binary file zile.go matches
emacs.scm:               (chmod exwm-executable #o555)
emacs.scm:               (chmod exwm-executable #o555)
perl.scm:                          (chmod dso #o755))
perl.scm:             (chmod "blib/arch/auto/Digest/MD5/" #o755))))))
Binary file bootstrap.go matches
tls.scm:                         (chmod file #o644))
certs.scm:            (chmod "" #o555)
java.scm:           (chmod target #o755)
java.scm:                       (chmod (string-append bin tool) #o755))
java.scm:           (chmod target #o755)
java.scm:                       (string-append line "; chmod -R u+w 
java.scm:                    (zero? (system* "chmod" "-R" "u+w" "openjdk"))
java.scm:                   (("/bin/chmod") (which "chmod")))
java.scm:                 ;; The cacerts files we are going to overwrite are 
chmod'ed as
java.scm:                 (chmod (string-append (assoc-ref outputs "out")
java.scm:                 (chmod (string-append (assoc-ref outputs "jdk")
java.scm:               (chmod (string-append bin "/antlr3") #o755))))
java.scm:               (chmod (string-append bin "/antlr3") #o755)
java.scm:               (chmod (string-append bin "/antlr3") #o755))))
java.scm:               (chmod (string-append bin "/mvel2") #o755))
backup.scm:                 (chmod target-file-location #o755)
Binary file c.go matches
linux.scm:                     (chmod ".config" #o666))
linux.scm:                                    (chmod file #o666))
linux.scm:             (chmod "e2fsck" #o555))))))
linux.scm:               (chmod "zerofree" #o555)
linux.scm:                           (chmod file #o755))
linux.scm:           (chmod target #o555)))))
Binary file kodi.go matches
Binary file monitoring.go matches
Binary file virtualization.go matches
Binary file audio.go matches
Binary file certs.go matches
fpga.scm:                   (zero? (system* "chmod" "+w" "abc/abc")))))
Binary file tls.go matches
package-management.scm:                                    (chmod po #o666))
Binary file text-editors.go matches
Binary file commencement.go matches
uml.scm:               (chmod wrapper #o555))
Binary file disk.go matches
Binary file graphics.go matches
graphviz.scm:                   (chmod "test/boolean/" #o777))
web.scm:             (chmod "woof" #o555))
Binary file netpbm.go matches
bootloaders.scm:               (zero? (system* "chmod" "a+w" 
Binary file uml.go matches
bootstrap.scm:                  (chmod bin-dir #o755)
bootstrap.scm:                  (chmod guile   #o555)
bootstrap.scm:                  (chmod bin-dir #o555))))))
bootstrap.scm:                           (chmod "bin" #o755)
bootstrap.scm:                           (chmod "bin" #o555)
bootstrap.scm:             (chmod "lib" #o755)
bootstrap.scm:             (chmod "." #o755)
bootstrap.scm:             (chmod "gcc" #o555))))))
engineering.scm:                  (chmod (string-append out "/bin/" script) 
Binary file conkeror.go matches
Binary file bootstrap/x86_64-linux/mkdir matches
Binary file bootstrap/armhf-linux/mkdir matches
Binary file bootstrap/i686-linux/mkdir matches
Binary file bootstrap/mips64el-linux/mkdir matches
Binary file bootstrap/aarch64-linux/mkdir matches
Binary file readline.go matches
Binary file games.go matches
Binary file irc.go matches
readline.scm:              (for-each (lambda (f) (chmod f #o755))
readline.scm:              (for-each (lambda (f) (chmod f #o644))
wget.scm:                      (chmod file #o755))
games.scm:                   (chmod (string-append bin "/roguebox-adventures") 
games.scm:                         (chmod port #o777)))))
games.scm:                   (chmod "redeclipse_linux" #o555)
games.scm:                   (chmod "redeclipse_server_linux" #o555)))
games.scm:                 (chmod higan #o555)
games.scm:           (chmod prog #o755)
games.scm:                        (chmod wrapper #o555)
zile.scm:                             (chmod file #o755))
lisp.scm:               (chmod wrapper #o755))
lisp.scm:         (chmod script #o755)
Binary file base.go matches
Binary file cups.go matches
bioinformatics.scm:               (chmod wrapper #o555)))))))
bioinformatics.scm:               (chmod (string-append target "") #o555)
bioinformatics.scm:             (chmod "_pytadbit/" #o664)
bioinformatics.scm:             (chmod "README.rst" #o664)
autotools.scm:           (chmod (string-append bin "/autoconf") #o555)))))))
Binary file nvi.go matches
monitoring.scm:                        (("chmod g\\+s.*" all)
Binary file web.go matches
version-control.scm:                          (chmod new #o555))
admin.scm:               (chmod "bind/bind.tar.gz" #o644)
Binary file linux.go matches
graphics.scm:                            (chmod "brdf" #o555))))))))
Binary file bootloaders.go matches
Binary file version-control.go matches
base.scm:                       (chmod ld #o555)
Binary file mail.go matches
netpbm.scm:           (chmod "" #o664)
simulation.scm:    ;;  'chmod' step is needed before running the applications.  
simulation.scm:    ;;  $ chmod -R u+w .
Binary file lisp.go matches
maths.scm:             (chmod "src/maxima" #o555)
maths.scm:                        (chmod wrapper #o555))))
Binary file engineering.go matches


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