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mail-abbrevs when doing rmail-continue?

From: Chris Jewell
Subject: mail-abbrevs when doing rmail-continue?
Date: 8 Apr 2001 21:30:12 -0700

We're running Gnu emacs 20.7.1 on FreeBSD (built using the FreeBSD ports
collection, in case it matters).  A user has ...
        (add-hook 'mail-setup-hook 'mail-abbrevs-setup)
in her .emacs.  When she starts a new *mail* buffer, whether with C-x
m, or R (reply in rmail) or whatever, all is as we expect.  However,
consider the following sequence of events:

1.  User is in rmail, and decides to reply to the sender of the message
    she's reading, so she types "r" and gets a mail buffer which works
    just right (including mail-abbrevs in case she decides to cc
    somebody who is in her .mailrc);

2.  She edits the reply, sends it with C-C C-C, and is returned to
    the RMAIL buffer.

3.  She decides that she'd like to send the contents of the reply to
    someone else, so she types "c" (rmail-continue).

4.  She's now back in her *mail* buffer, but mail-abbrevs are *not*
    working: if she kills the contents of the To: header, types an
    alias which is in ~/.mailrc, and hits the space bar, the alias is
    *not* expanded.  (Of course, the mail system will expand the alias
    when she sends the message, but she'd rather see the expansion in
    the buffer, so she can be sure that she typed the right address.)

While I may well have overlooked it, there doesn't seem to be a hook
whose contents get run when a mail buffer is continued, where one
could put a call to turn on abbrev mode.  Can anyone suggest a good
way to have a continued buffer appear in abbrev mode?

Oh, one more question: the same user reports that in prior versions of
emacs (which I suspect means some version of XEmacs 19.x and/or 20.x),
a mail alias would be expanded when you left the To: (or CC: or BCC:)
header line with C-n without typing a space following the abbreviated
address: can anyone suggest a way to get that behavior in Gnu Emacs

Thank you.

Chris Jewell            address@hidden

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