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High Lighting Lisp Forms

From: Peter Keller
Subject: High Lighting Lisp Forms
Date: 02 Feb 2010 17:56:12 GMT
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Suppose I have some Common Lisp code like this:

(setf *foo* `((1 2 3) ,thingy (4 5 6)))
+           ^^+     +         +     +^+

I've marked how I would like some characters highlighted. Suppose
those characters with the + are a dark grey, and those with the + are
a yellow.

I'm using slime, and have hacked the crap out of my .emacs file by adding
into the lisp-mode-hook in order to hilight all ANSI Common Lisp constructs
in a manner that pleases me, it sort of looks like this. The #' are 
functions resultant from deffaces or something which produces the correct
(REGEXP N FACE) form needed by font-lock-add-keywords.

(add-hook 'lisp-mode-hook
  (lambda ()
      ;; Conventional Constant Variables
      '(("\\<\\([+][^ +]*[+]\\)\\>" 0 #'ansi-lisp-constant))

      ;; Conventional Global Variables, including ANSI ones
      '(("\\<\\([*][^ *]*[*]\\)\\>" 0 #'ansi-lisp-global-variable))

      ;; Lisp Numbers, simple ones, just integers
      '(("\\<\\([+-]?[0-9]+\\)\\>" 0 #'ansi-lisp-numbers))

      ;; General Parenthesis color
      '(("\\([()]\\)" 0 #'ansi-lisp-parenthesis))

      ;; ANSI boolean symbols
      (mapcar #'ansi-boolean
              '(nil t))

      ;; many more entries for all of ANSI Common Lisp's symbols in here


So, given this method, if I want the '( ... ) quote and parenthesis to
be higlighted _regardless of where the point is_ then how do I do it?
I know how to do it when I'm moving the point around the buffer, but I want
it all the time and additionally similar behavior for #( #' etc, etc, etc.

Thank you.


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