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Re: hostname and filename as frame title

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: hostname and filename as frame title
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 09:17:59 -0800
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On Friday 12 February 2010 03:58 AM, Michael Albinus wrote:
Suvayu Ali<address@hidden>  writes:

Hi Michael,


However because of all the different machines and different usernames, I
rely on my ~/.ssh/config to specify the username on the remote machine.
So I open a remote file like this,


Probably that is why the frame title shows up as,


Yes. Tramp does not know the application specific configuration.

But I think I can live with that. Thanks a lot Michael. :)

So either you obmit the user part in the frame title (it is of no use
for you then), or you write your own small function which extracts it
from ~/.ssh/config.

Yes I ended up commenting that one out. :) Trying to write a function to extract the username from ~/.ssh/config would be a good exercise in lisp for a newbie like me. Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Best regards, Michael.


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