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Ispell skipping LaTeX fields in preamble

From: Claude Rubinson
Subject: Ispell skipping LaTeX fields in preamble
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 14:39:12 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)

I recently discovered (to my dismay) that Emacs/ispell isn't checking
the \title and \author fields in the preamble of LaTeX documents.  (If
I move the fields to the body of the doc, then ispell will properly
check them.)  This is apparently Emacs-related as it doesn't occur if
I check the document directly via ispell.  I'm not sure how to track
down the problem.  It's apparently not localized to AucTeX, as the
same behavior shows up when using Emac's built-in Latex-mode.

My ispell-tex-skip-alists variable is the default value and unless I'm
misreading it, I don't see where it would be skipping the \title and
\author fields:

((("\\\\addcontentsline" ispell-tex-arg-end 2)
  ("\\\\add\\(tocontents\\|vspace\\)" ispell-tex-arg-end)
  ("\\\\\\([aA]lph\\|arabic\\)" ispell-tex-arg-end)
  ("\\\\bibliographystyle" ispell-tex-arg-end)
  ("\\\\makebox" ispell-tex-arg-end 0)
  ("\\\\e?psfig" ispell-tex-arg-end)
  ("\\\\document\\(class\\|style\\)" . "\\\\begin[      \n]*{[  \n]*document[   
 (("\\(figure\\|table\\)\\*?" ispell-tex-arg-end 0)
  ("list" ispell-tex-arg-end 2)
  ("program" . "\\\\end[        \n]*{[  \n]*program[    \n]*}")
  ("verbatim\\*?" . "\\\\end[   \n]*{[  \n]*verbatim\\*?[       \n]*}")))

Any ideas?



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