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eshell - help with keybindings please

From: Gary
Subject: eshell - help with keybindings please
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 14:12:17 +0100

I've managed to get mutt running from eshell okay using
(setq eshell-visual-commands
  (append '("mutt"") eshell-visual-commands)

By "okay" I mean it seems to display okay, and I can navigate threads
using ^N and ^P (C-n and C-p in emacs-speak I guess). What I miss though
is using the cursor keys to move to the next and previous thread. Do I
have to configure this somewhere specifically? At the moment mutt
complains the keys are undefined (I'm guessing it is getting different
sequences to those it gets in my normal shell, where they keys work

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