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Re: Cannot use predictive mode with latex

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: Cannot use predictive mode with latex
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:12:51 +0100
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Christian Herenz wrote:
> Andreas Röhler schrieb:
>> Maybe try: C-h m to get some info
> I get the info, that TeX-insert-backslash binding is shadowed by another
> mode. I get the same error when editing a html file and enabling
> predictive mode, if I press <
> :-(
> Really strange? Is it because 22.2 is maybe not compatible with the
> actual predictive? I wrote the author an email, but has not responded yet.
> Greetings,
> Christian

If you check the key, C-h k \
what is the answer?

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