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Re: Volunteering with LilyPond

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Volunteering with LilyPond
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 12:33:43 +0100

2008/1/6, Graham Percival <address@hidden>:
> "help ur program is broken. where are teh buttons 2 click on"

ahahahaha :)
(irrepressible hysterical laugh)

Still, if I might add a comment here, the quality we need the most is
*not* a high LilyPond skill-level, but simply patience, enthusiasm,
and preferably a taste for pedagogy.

(Yes, Graham is kind of an exception :)

One year ago, I was a *complete* newbie. I just wanted to give a hand.
I proposed a few sponsoring offers that were all ignored, and at some
point I realized this was not about money but about resources,
man-hours. I realized the most useful and needed improvements were
often very basic and immediate:
-translating some documentation into my own language,
-asking (and then answering) questions on the mailing list,
-adding a few snippets to the LSR or reporting incorrect snippets,
-reporting some bugs I came to find,
During all this time, I never realized I was actually learning how to
use LilyPond. And yet, it is the *best* way to progressively know what
you're talking about.

There are still many topics I absolutely don't know about.
Everybody laughs at Graham everytime he says he doesn't know how to to
do some simple tasks with LilyPond (e.g. adding lyrics), but I now
realize that he is indeed a total ignoramus like myself :)

This is what you are (unless you wrote the program yourself), this is
what I am: just another absolutely unexperienced guy, who just happens
to love LilyPond scores and have some time to spend on it.

We will all happily welcome you, no matter your age, your (bad)
English, your (absence of) former experience or your (lack of) skills.


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