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Re: Leaving: "I can't help"

From: Arvid Grøtting
Subject: Re: Leaving: "I can't help"
Date: 09 Jan 2008 17:02:33 +0100
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Kieren MacMillan <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Graham,
> Okay, the guilt and peer pressure has finally overwhelmed my better
> judgement!  ;-)

Ooo-kay; me too.

Between work, two small kids and a choir I can't promise to deliver by
any set deadline, but I can probably re-read and revise some text and
examples.  I don't know how to play any instrument, but I do sing and
I've typeset around 100 choral pieces so far.

I'm not a native english speaker, but I've never let that stop me.

Oh, and I personally find the existing Lilypond documentation very
good, at least compared to other documentation out there.

> Send me (or point me to), one at a time, the section(s) you want me
> to review/rewrite.
> I'll do what I can, and when I'm done a section, point me to the next.

That sounds like it could work for me, too.


-- Arvid

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