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Win98 SE?

From: Norman Drucker
Subject: Win98 SE?
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:41:30 -0800

I'm a newbie to things Gnu and would like to know whether trying to install and use Lilypond on my Win98 SE system is going to be impossible or a major headache.  I've reviewed the forum archive and see that people have had problems with Win98 in the past, but being a newbie, I don't even understand what most of those problems were, and don't get a sense of whether ways have by now been found to surmount them in the latest version of the software. Can anyone please advise me whether it really is feasible for a non-geek to try to use lilypond under Win 98 SE, and how I might fix the problems that I'm most likely to run into.


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