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Arpeggio in the wrong bar

From: Arjan Bos
Subject: Arpeggio in the wrong bar
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 17:22:40 +0100


Many thanks to the developers who made it possible to work with Arpeggios over different voices. It works very well... Except in 2.11.37 when fingering is applied to part of the chord. Then the arpeggio mark is moved to the previous bar as in this almost minimal example:

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This only occurs when the arpeggio mark applies to a chord with fingering in it and when that same arpeggio mark spans two or more voices. Are there any ideas on this list on how to prevent it?

Many thanks in advance,


And here's the source:

\version "2.11.37"

\score {
  \context Staff = guitar <<
     \context Voice = "guitarA" {
       \set fingeringOrientations = #'(right)
       \relative c'' {
         \set Staff.connectArpeggios = ##t
         a1 |
         <a-2 c-1 e>2.\arpeggio e'4 |
     \context Voice = "guitarB" {
       \relative c' {
         a2 g |
         a2\arpeggio e  |
  \layout {
    ragged-right = ##t %% otherwise the problem won't show.
    \context {
      \consists Span_arpeggio_engraver

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