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Re: grace notes at the same time with "normal" notes

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: Re: grace notes at the same time with "normal" notes
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 18:06:17 +0100

this will help me to  find a convincing solution!
Mats Bengtsson schrieb am 22.01.2008:
>Stefan Thomas wrote:
>> Dear Lilyponduser,
>> I wanted to ask, if it is possible, to start the first grace-note
>> the below quoted example at the same time as the "normal" fis? 
>Slightly tricky! I see two main options. Either let also the fis 
>formally be a grace note,
>but printed in normal font size, or alternatively to let the grace
>be normal notes
>engraved in smaller size and adjust the durations of the notes, so 
>everything matches.
>\version "2.10.0"
>\score { <<
>  \new Staff \relative {
>    \grace {c16[ d e f ] }g1 |
>    \set fontSize = #-3 c,16 d e f \unset fontSize g1*3/4 |
>  }
>  \new Staff \relative {
>    \grace { \revert Stem #'font-size \revert NoteHead #'font-size 
>fis1*1/4 }
>    s1 |
>    fis1
>  }
> >>}
>\layout{ragged-right = ##t }
>> And,one mor question, is it possible to have slashes through the
>stems of
>> the grace notes?
>Of course, if they are not beamed, see section "Grace notes".
>Unfortunately not if they are beamed, as here. A workaround is
>described in 
>    /Mats
Stefan Thomas
Siebengebirgsallee 9
50939 Koeln
mail: address@hidden

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