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Re: I need training...

From: Martin Seng Hin Yew
Subject: Re: I need training...
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:42:01 +0800
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Bertalan Fodor (LilyPondTool) wrote:
I think you should start making music, and if you have some goal to achieve you don't know how to, search in the manual for it.

Martin Seng Hin Yew wrote:
Hello list,

The knowledge of programming and scripting, for me, was inadequate for years. I went 'C' Programming lectures at college (few years ago) and only learned 10% of the 2 inch thick book (my bad...). Doesn't know much to code object-oriented programming, like lilypond (i think so..., please correct me if I'm wrong)

So, i went through the lilypond official manual, learned something, but still, not quite understand to apply stuff like \score, \context, \voice etc, normal input like using \relative is okay. Do i still continue reading the lilypond manual and follow the chapters, or there's something external for me to study advanced coding in lilypond? I love lilypond and i want to do everything possible with this app!

My salute to the contributors and developers, thank you guys for created such an awesome magic!

Happy but confused,

lilypond-user mailing list

Hi Bertalan Fodor,

First of all thank you for the lilytool, I've been using it since the first encounter with lilypond, last year. I did some arrangements for classical guitar, and sometime need to copy music using lilypond.
Ok,I'll stick with the official manual and see how things happen.

Martin Seng

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