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Newby questions

From: tim
Subject: Newby questions
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 10:55:56 -0400

I've just installed Lilypond in the past week. Starting from the vocal music 
template in the 
manual, I've printed a couple songs, which my wife and I will sing from at 
church tomorrow. 
The results are beautiful!

There are some things I don't understand. I invoke the program from the command 

lilypond --pdf

On my WInXP machine, this works fine. The program spits out some status lines, 
and the 
*.ps and *.pdf files appear. On my Win Vista laptop, when I type the command 
the version 
line appears ... and I wait. It sits there about 45 or 50 seconds, then 
(finally) runs normally. 
Does anybody know what's going on hre, and what I can do to fix it?

Here's one more: I have a section like this:

\new Staff = women 
    \new Voice =
    "sopranos" { \voiceOne << \global \sopMusic >> }

    \new Lyrics = sopranos { s1 }
    \new Lyrics = sopranosb { s2 }
    \new Staff = men 

      \clef bass
      \new Voice =
      "basses" { \voiceTwo <<\global \bassMusic >> }
    \context Lyrics = sopranos \lyricsto sopranos \sopWords
    \context Lyrics = sopranosb \lyricsto sopranos \sopWordsb

My question is about the "\new Lyrics"  command. What's the {s1} referring to? 
It uses 
"sopransob" to find the right set of lyrics. When I had four verses, I used s1, 
s2, s3, and s4.  
got an error message saying that 3 is not a duration. True, but what's that got 
to do with 

Tim Slattery

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