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Re: Tick barlines

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: Tick barlines
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 19:53:45 -0400

Hi Joseph,

... but suppose I want this small 'tick' to cover the top space of the
staff, and poke out the top -- how do I move it up in this way?

   \override Staff.BarLine #'bar-size = #1.5
   \override Staff.BarLine #'extra-offset = #'(0 . 2)
   \relative c' {
      c4 d e f
      g4 f e d
   \revert Staff.BarLine #'bar-size
   \revert Staff.BarLine #'extra-offset
   \bar "|."

am I going about the construction of tick barlines in entirely the wrong way?

I don't think so!

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