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Re: RhythmicStaff - gray-scaling and getting rid of double heads for cho

From: andersvi
Subject: Re: RhythmicStaff - gray-scaling and getting rid of double heads for chords
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 23:35:36 +0200
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>>>>> "V" == Vivian Barty-Taylor <address@hidden> writes:
    V> The "doubled" Noteheads come about because RhythmicStaff
    V> interprets all pitches as the same. I don't know what effect you
    V> are wanting exactly


Im after what ive understood RhythmicStaff was meant for, a simple way
of wrapping an existing and unmodified set of music inside a context
outputting only the rhytmic line, apart from avoiding the double
note-heads coming from offsetting multiple notes in different columns.
Below is some code reproducing the problem.

Attachment: tmp.png
Description: output

Yes indeed, it can be done quite simply with a scheme-function to filter
every 2-or-more length 'element of 'EventChord and consing up the result
inside a 'ContextSpeccedMusic, or setting up a one-line staff and
generating special versions of the input-data.  But hoping to avoid
these kinds of hacks in general tasks would be my main objective to move
towards lilypond.

Ive tried setting up the context with various removes, ie:

                RhythmicStaff \with {
               \remove Collision_engraver
               \remove OtherPlausibleCandidates_engraver
               }  {...}

- but no bingo yet.  I hope to learn more along the way, and im sure
theres something silly or simple (or even complex, as long as its a
general solution) thing i have disregarded.

Description: example of problem

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