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Re: How do I enter the chord "B(add4)/G#"?

From: John Zaitseff
Subject: Re: How do I enter the chord "B(add4)/G#"?
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 14:23:07 +1000
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Hi, Christopher,

Thanks for your reply!

I wrote:

> > A very quick and simple question that has me stumped: How do I
> > enter the chord "B(add4)/G#" in LilyPond's chord mode? [...] I
> > would have thought "b:5.4/gis" would do the trick, but that
> > gives "B(sus4/add3)/G#" as output---and I don't know if that is
> > the same as "B(add4)/G#"!

To which you replied:

> Usually, a chord with an added fourth is notated "B11".  So you'd
> want b:11/gis

My knowledge of music theory is, as I said, virtually nil, but I
thought the chord "B(add4)" is <b dis e fis>, whereas "B11" is <b
dis fis a cis e>: quite a different beast.  Where "/G#" fits in, I
don't know.  What have I missed?

Thanks again!


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