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how to invoke self-compiled development versions

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: how to invoke self-compiled development versions
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 10:45:42 +0200

Hi all,

I'm using VirtualBox v.3.0.12 (the last release that supports Mac OS 10.4.11) and LilyBuntu. I downloaded the source code of the current development version with git to ~/lilypond-git and compiled it with "make all" as described in the manuals. So far so good!

According to the CG (Concurrent Stable and Development Versions) in order to use the development version I have to:

…create a link to the binary in the source tree by saving the following line in a file somewhere in your $PATH:

              exec <path to>/lilypond/out/bin/lilypond "$@"

I saved the following file as Lilypond in ~/bin:


      exec ~/lilypond-git/out/bin/lilypond "$@"

I made it executable with

     chmod +x Lilypond

But when I try to invoke it by typing: Lilypond I get the message:

     command not found

Where is my mistake? Is ~/bin not in my $PATH? If yes, how can I adjust this?

Thanks in advance for any pointers


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