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Re: Valid set of "octave" and "octave-forge" RPMS for FC3 and FC4?

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: Valid set of "octave" and "octave-forge" RPMS for FC3 and FC4?
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:05:36 -0500
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Rick Niles wrote:

So looking through old mailing lists it appears there was a problem with Octave as shipped with Fedora Core 3. I'm just very suprised after more than 10 years of development I can't find set of binary RPMS for octave and octave-forge "blessed" to work with FC3 (or FC4). I understand someone took the responsibility for maintaning octave/octave-forge for Fedora Extras as octave has been dropped from Fedora Core 4, but I couldn't find any of those packages. I also understand that many Octave developers (including John) are "build it from the source" kinda people, but in the corporate world it's lot easier if you can just point the support staff to a set of binary RPMS and say "install that".

OK, For FC3, go to ftp://coffee.phys.unm.edu/pub/octave/RPMS/i386/ and "install that" :). The problem with octave on FC3 was not really with octave but with blas and lapack (some might say it was really with gcc). The RPMs I just referred to should give you an up-to-date installation with octave-forge and working blas/lapack. Sorry it's not well advertized--it's sort of a temporary solution (see below).

Can we get something like "FreshRPMS.net" for octave? It would have distro specific binary packages for octave & octave-forge updated regularly. (Note: I'm not voluteering to do this. :) )

Yes, you're right. I'm the Fedora octave maintainer, and that's the idea behind the Fedora Extras project which has finally got off the ground during the last few months. The idea is to get octave, octave-forge, and related packages into Fedora Extras so they will be updated regularly. I'm told that FC4 should have the Extras repositories enabled by default, so you should be able to do a install of octave with apt or yum right out of the box (I haven't installed FC4 and tried it yet). Octave 2.1.71 is ready to be built and released to the repositories, but there have been compile problems on x86_84 (problems with the build system, not octave) that have prevented a release. I really hope all of this will be resolved within the next week or so. The only hang-up with octave-forge right now is Extras' review process--basically you have to get someone else to review it, and I've had a hard time getting the interest of other Fedora people to get a review. (If someone wanted to help, they could become a Fedora Extras maintainer and review my packages:) ). When all of this finally happens, I'll post an announcement here.


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