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Re: Pointers data type in Octave to handle data structures

From: Guillaume Schatz
Subject: Re: Pointers data type in Octave to handle data structures
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 14:08:15 +0200
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Ok, thank's for the information.

Søren Hauberg wrote:

I think you should have asked at address@hidden, but if I understand you correctly you should have a look at


for a tutorial on how to create a new type in Octave.


Guillaume Schatz wrote:


I want to implement a set of functions to perform data acquisitions using my own hardware. I want to use handle to have a reference to my hardware like the following instructions in Matlab

handle = analogInput('nidaq','1');
data = getData(handle);

Do you know how to use pointers in octave C++ files such as

DEFUN_DLD(getData,args, ,"...")
   handleType *myHandle;
   myHandle = args(0).???

I really need a pointer to this structure to manage my different threads.

Thank you for your help


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