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OSKI, an automatically tuned sparse kernel library.

From: Richard Vuduc
Subject: OSKI, an automatically tuned sparse kernel library.
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 14:29:26 -0500
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Octave developers,

My colleagues and I have released an initial implementation of OSKI, a library that provides automatically tuned sparse matrix kernels like sparse matrix-vector multiply and triangular solve. It's designed to have BLAS-style functionality, and is similar in spirit to ATLAS and FFTW, which I'm sure are familiar to this group.


I just wanted to mention OSKI, in case it might be of future interest to you. I imagine it would be a lot of work to provide an option to use OSKI within Octave, but at the very least, I invite your comments on whether the OSKI interface (described in its User's Guide) would provide adequate useful functionality.

Best regards,

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