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Re: Implementing view

From: Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso
Subject: Re: Implementing view
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 11:50:15 -0600

2010/11/8 logari81 <address@hidden>:

> Hi, have you seen the following matlab documentation?
> http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/ref/viewmtx.html
> it seems quite complete.

Yes, but they only describe in broad strokes how T is built. I'm
trying to reverse engineer it based on what people tell me that Matlab
does. Or do you understand why the transformation matrix includes
translations? That page doesn't explain it.

> If I 've understood right, the only feature
> missing in the actual view implementation in octave is the possibility
> of returning the transformation matrix T. Is this correct?

It was also missing the ability to specify views by direction vectors
instead of azimuth and elevation, but that was quite easy to

- Jordi G. H.

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