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Qt UI expert needed for bug #53526

From: Rik
Subject: Qt UI expert needed for bug #53526
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 12:47:10 -0700

Could someone who understands Qt .ui definition files take a look at

The issue is that translators are seeing strings like "20" marked for
translation.  Pure numbers don't require translation.

If I take a look at settings-dialog.ui:2713 I find the following:

<widget class="QLineEdit" name="varedit_columnWidth">
 <property name="text">

Because the GUI is using, essentially, a 1-line text editor Qt believes
that it needs to mark the string for translation.  Is there a GUI widget
element just for entering numbers?  After all, columnWidth is not going to
be a string like "Hello World".  It needs to be a number.


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