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[Australia-public-discuss] Fwd: Public Consultation for Innovation Paten

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: [Australia-public-discuss] Fwd: Public Consultation for Innovation Patents
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 09:53:55 +1000
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Hi End Software Patent folks,

I received the following notice about a public consultation on
innovation patents. You'll remember that a while back we called for you
to make submissions to the review. A number of submissions were made
which was excellent.

I haven't had a chance to look into this public consultation yet, but
didn't want to delay in telling you about it. Please feel free to
discuss on this list.



The Government is considering stronger standards for innovation patents
in order to discourage misuse of the IP system.

Innovation patents were introduced in 2001 to encourage IP protection
for small to medium enterprises. Since the Delnorth (2009) decision in
the Federal Court, relatively obvious minor improvements to inventions
have been patentable.

The public is invited to comment on the proposed changes by 25 October
2012. For more information about the consultation on innovation patents,
visit IP Australia’s website

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