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Re: [Australia-public-discuss] Review of the Innovation Patent System -

From: Brendan Molloy
Subject: Re: [Australia-public-discuss] Review of the Innovation Patent System - final report out
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 02:50:55 -0000
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Patents is one of those doctrines with support for reform from many sides of the political and economic spectrums, because the benefits of a more relaxed regime are plentiful in all instances.

There's still a good chance these positive changes will be introduced in the future, but it is unlikely under the current Government I'd say, because as you're getting at, there's quite a bit of cronyism going on at this time.

anthony berglas wrote:
Sadly, the current government is far more likely to listen "A software
industry association" and their US friends than to any bunch of rat bag
lefty anti-capitalist groups.  But it is still worth lobbying now as it
all takes time and things may change.


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