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[Bibledit-announce] Bibledit-Web 1.9 released

From: Teus Benschop
Subject: [Bibledit-announce] Bibledit-Web 1.9 released
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 06:51:45 +0000

Bibledit-Web 1.9 has been released.

Bibledit-Web is a tool for online and offline Bible translation.


Kills tasks that run for more than a few days, instead of six hours as previously.
Scheduled tasks can no longer be prioritized.
The offline external resources are now stored in a database per book rather than to file per verse, to reduce the number of small files.
Fixed: Large amounts of changes jam the nightly generation of change notifications.
Sending and receiving consultation notes stops when the systems notice a relevant damaged or unavailable database on client or server.
Fixed: Large amount of entries in the journal jam the rotation mechanism.
Fetches external resources from the new website of
Includes phpLiteAdmin for database administration.
Simplified journal display.
The Journal displays no more than 1000 entries initially.
More checksumming for better validation of Bible data sent from the server to the client.
If a Bible chapter on a client is empty for some reason, the client does not submit this chapter to the server.
When the user enables client mode, the client immediately schedules a sync operation.
Fixed: With a corrupted change notifications database, the default Bible for a user may change.
Fixed: Quickly deleting many change notifications may corrupt the change notifications database.
Does not send a Sprint mail when the Sprint has no tasks.
Fixed: Click in a new verse in a Bible editor, but the navigator stays in the former position when the network is poor.
Fixed: On slower connections, if the top bar gets added, this makes the rest of the page to jump down.
The ✗ and ✎ buttons of the workbench configurations are farther apart.
The ✗ button asks the user for confirmation before deleting the workbench configuration.
Workbench configurations for a user made on the server are available to the same user on the client.
Client does not send and receive to a git Bible repository.
Client synchronizes the local offline external resources with the ones on the Server.
Client synchronizes the local USFM resources with the ones on the Server.
Some scripts do not run when Bibledit is in setup mode or when client mode is prepared but not yet enabled.
Bibledit for Android was released.
The client only synchronizes the Bibles on the server to the client after the client has sent all local edits successfully.
The change notifications for a user also work when the client sends Bible changes to the server, not only when a user enters changes online.
Fixed: The Bible editor changed a footnote like "\fk keyword \ft text" to "\fk keyword \fk text" losing the \ft markup.
When going to another passage, and all resources have not yet been fetched, it cancels all pending requests, making the Resources viewer more responsive.
Truncates huge journal entries to avoid disk full errors.
Fixed: Sending and receiving through more recent versions of git create many entries in the journal.
Bibledit for Windows was released.
Support for Lighty: A fast and efficient webserver.
Fixed: The links from the statistics emails no longer work via the login mechanism.
Fixed: The caret jumps from verse to verse while navigating on a slow connection or slow website.
Fixed: Focus verse 1 in the Bible editor, use the mouse to scroll down, and click on the last verse in the chapter: The editor scrolls back to verse 1, and then back to the last verse.
Instructions for installing Bibledit-Web on iOS: iPad and iPhone.
Support for PCLinuxOS 2014.
Disable the user menu in client mode.
Use Ezra SIL as web font for Hebrew Resources, and Cardo for Greek Resources, because most tablets do not provide for installing fonts.
Redirection is now conform the standard.
External Resources cannot be deleted in an open installation.
No longer requires the PHP iconv extension.

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