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[Classpathx-discuss] ClasspathX mailing list administration

From: Chris Burdess
Subject: [Classpathx-discuss] ClasspathX mailing list administration
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 15:06:23 +0000
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The function of these 4 mailing lists is rapidly disappearing into
history, and being smothered by a deluge of spam, so I'd like to retire
them if that's OK with everyone.

All the GNU JAXP development has been moved into the Classpath project
proper. From now on, this will also be true of GNU JAF as this module
is subsumed by Classpath.

The only remaining interest I've seen is in the GNU JavaMail
implementation. If there is sufficient interest we can keep the
address@hidden mailing list going, perhaps renaming it.
Glassfish is still not available under a free licence as far as I am
aware, so there is still a role for this implementation, and we still
have one of the only NNTP implementations of JavaMail. If anyone is
interested in contributing to this please let me know.

Otherwise, are there any objections to me retiring these mailing lists?
Or, to put it another way, is there anything any of you would still
like to be discuss or informed of, and how?
Chris Burdess

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