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[Color-theme-devel] color-theme breaks xterm's mouse-copy semantics

From: Scott Weikart
Subject: [Color-theme-devel] color-theme breaks xterm's mouse-copy semantics
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 21:57:02 -0700

I run emacs-nox (or 'emacs -nw') from an xterm window running bash.

Without an emacs-color-theme, when I left-click on a line
then right-click anywhere to the right of the last character
on the line, xterm highlights all the way to the right edge
of the window, but only puts the selected characters plus a
newline in the cut buffer.  [The same thing happens in an
xterm window with a bash shell.]

But, when I'm running emacs with a color theme
(e.g. color-theme-dark-laptop), and perform the same copy
action, xterm doesn't put a newline in the cut buffer, but
instead puts a lot of spaces (as if the highlighted area
after the last character is actually a bunch of spaces with
no newline at the end).  [I only get a newline if I wipe to
the right edge of the window as I left-click; but this still
adds all those trailing spaces before the newline.]

How can I make emacs-color-theme not change the semantics of copy?

I'm running:

  TERM=xterm-256color (I get the same behavior with TERM=xterm)
  emacs-23.1-20.el6.x86_64 ('emacs --version' => emacs-23.1.1)
  emacs-color-theme-6.6.0-5.el6.x86_64 (from the epel repo)
  'xterm -version' => X.Org [aka XTerm(253) ??]

The same thing happens if I ssh to a remote server running
the same CentOS-6.2 software (and don't tunnel X).


The semantics are better (but not "correct") on my Kubuntu
11.10 laptop.  The copy doesn't append a lot of trailing
spaces to the cut buffer; but it also doesn't append a
newline (unless I wipe to the right edge of the screen as I

I'm running:

  Kubuntu 11.10
  kdelibs5 4.4.60
  /emacs_23.3+1-1ubuntu4 ('emacs --version' => emacs-23.3.1)
  emacs-goodies-el 34.1ubuntu2
  'xterm -version' => XTerm(271)


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