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Re: ALSA sink

From: Ivan
Subject: Re: ALSA sink
Date: Wed, 1 May 2024 23:07:32 +0500

Thank you very much for the thorough approach to my question and detailed instructions on how to catch the problem.

I tried to look with a debugger earlier, but I am not good at debugging and C++. That's why I reproduced the steps you suggested.

Below is the output of the commands. I understand that unfortunately for this case, some variables are optimized during compilation:

(gdb) continue
Thread 1 "alsa1" hit Breakpoint 2, snd_pcm_hw_params_set_periods (pcm=0x555555802c70, params=0x5555557177b0, val=17, dir=0) at pcm/pcm.c:5601
5601    {
(gdb) frame 1
#1 0x00007ffff7e0db2c in gr::audio::alsa_sink::alsa_sink (this=<optimized out>, sampling_rate=<optimized out>, device_name=..., ok_to_block=<optimized out>, this=<optimized out>, sampling_rate=<optimized out>, device_name=..., ok_to_block=<optimized out>) at /usr/src/debug/gnuradio/gnuradio-
81          snd_pcm_t* get() noexcept { return d_pcm_handle; }
(gdb) printf "max: %d, min: %d; d_: %d\n", max_nperiods, min_nperiods, d_nperiods
value has been optimized out

I guess to see the desired parameters you need to rebuild gnuradio with optimization options disabled at compile time.

Maybe if you have bare ALSA and alsa-plugins installed, you can define a virtual PCM device as I have it defined in ~/.asoundrc and you can reproduce the problem with it ?

Thank you

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