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Re: difference between linux distro for running gnuradio

From: Tom
Subject: Re: difference between linux distro for running gnuradio
Date: Tue, 28 May 2024 22:10:51 +0200
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Hi Robin,

I have spent many hours resolving all dependencies. I am working with Debian Bookworm and Gnuradio 3.10.
I haven't made any documentation, but if I had a tool to output all installed packages in a list from a running Linux distribution, I could send it to you.


Am 28.05.2024 um 15:27 schrieb robin ivetic:
Hello Tom,

Please can you share procedure how did you compile it on Debian with PyBomb or regular procedure, I tried by myself on Fedora but I didn't get anywhere and I spend some time, think that I missed some dependencies library or package. For python if you want to install some module with pip, you have requirements file,  "pip install -r requirements.txt" I can install all dependencies, don't know if it's similar option/feature with C compiling, or cmake will tell you if something missing before next stage make.

Regards, Robin

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Subject: Re: difference between linux distro for running gnuradio
Hi Robin,
I am using several virtual machines on Linux (Debian Bookworm / x64) with different gnuradio versions. I failed using different versions of gnuradio on the same machine when an update arrives.
VMware ist working well. For older versions 3.7 and 3.8 I keep VMs in my archive.
BTW: I compile gnuradio from source. Everything workes beside the filter tool :-(

Am 27.05.2024 um 00:10 schrieb robin ivetic:

I don't know if this proper place to ask such question, or to whom ask about that, but I notice that is much difference between GNURADIO speed running on different distro, for example I choose couple of distros with already compiled package, just to avoid buidling from source. I'm still using LimeSDR USB, and like to used older version of gnuradio which supports gr-limesdr, although can use with soapy wrapper under gr-osmosdr. 
Basically, I'm using osmosdr block, and I notice that Arch linux with gnuradio 3.10.10 running slower than Fedora 39 with 3.10.6. Arch was tested with SSD drive, Fedora with mechanical, although tests made with sysbench shows better r/w paramters made on Arch, can confirm that python scripts run faster on Fedora 39 Workstation Server, so where is the catch. Arch is known for speed and "clean" package build, tested version is not from AUR think 3.11, and can confirm that I made volk_profile before start using gnuardio. Where can I learn more about that topic, ask distros developer builder, can you give me advice about that matter


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